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Creative and fun prom theme ideas

Junior and senior prom is one of the most important events in high school. Many students spend their whole year of preparation for the day. A bad topic will ruin the night for everyone.

There are many issues that will make the night fun. Choosing the right one is important because it is one of the most memorable events in high school. Themes can range from romantic to scary. The important thing is that everyone has a great time.

Couples in the story is a good option. This choice can each duo to dress a famous couple, how to choose. The room should be set to reflect the different eras that are represented by the topic. An alternative is that all show how a famous celebrity couple or. Guests can enjoy a red carpet upon arrival on foot.

A popular and fun idea is the Hawaiian Luau. This prom can be either inside or outdoors and offers many great decor ideas. Set up a room full of tiki torches and small tables. Do you have a grass hut, where images are captured and supply leis couples as they arrive. A game of Limbo should be carried out in any case in the evening.

Famous nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters is another wonderful choice. This allows students to discover their inner child and re-create a favorite story. The Little Mermaid, Mother Goose and even Tinker Bell are all options for the affair.

Around the world, is a topic that everyone loves. The entire space will be decorated to represent different regions. Select a specific area, such as France or China. Serve foods that are responsible for these goals. To get new tickets for the students and images that look like passports. The possibilities are endless with this idea.

A sock hop is a fun option. Children can dress in clothes and hairstyles that represent the fifties. Add music from the time at night to make it truly authentic. Another fabulous era themed idea is the eighties. This should be complete with leg warmers, neon makeup and much hair gel. The twenties and thirties are to consider other fabulous times.

Casino night is always a hit with the kids. Decorate the entire room, like a Vegas casino to search. Enter prices for students to gain big games. Colors should be silver and gold.

Winter Wonderland is a classic theme. Hang snowflakes from the ceiling and put packing peanuts in bags that are released from the top end of the night. It will look as if it’s snowing. Colors that work well with this theme, are blue, silver and white. Use cobalt colored lighting to create a cold atmosphere.

A prom theme may seem difficult to choose, but the fact is that it is really quite simple. Just think of several ways and have a school vote, to ensure that everyone what they want. The whole night will be great and everyone is sure to have the time of their lives. After all, is complete the final big party before many students.