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Origin of Sic Bo

The game of Sic Bo has its roots in China. The words, Sic Bo means a pair of dice. Sic Bo retains its originality and is played with three dice. According to the story the game of Sic Bo was played with some stones. A set overturned bowl and two plates and the stones are tumbled between them. This eventually led to cage-Shaker and dice turns. The Cube version has now become very popular in the casinos.

The old version of the game Sic Bo was also known as Tai Sai means Lucky Dice. Sic Bo Hi Lo Philippines called. The game was also very popular in Macau and was called Dai Siu, the Great Small means. The game of Sic Bo also bears resemblance to the English game Grand Hazard.

Sic Bo has been widely played in the Southeast, especially in China, Asia and Korea. Migration from one region to another popular game in the West. Today Sic Bo is played in casinos around the world. Players must wager on the outcome of three dice. There are several combinations that are possible. The result can contain single numbers, two or three kinds of numbers. Sic Bo pays high rates for a triple room. The chances are as high as 180-1. If the bet is on a single die, the payout is 1-1. 1 to 1 payout if the player decides to bet for Small and Big bets. For small deployments, the sum of the three dice must be between 4 and 10, while for the big bets, the sum must be 11 to 17.

Modern Sic Bo is played probably on a special table that has the pictorial representation of the 50 bets. The players have to place their bets on a selected portion of the table. The dealer put down the dice in a basket. The winning combinations are highlighted. The winners will be handed out, the payouts and the unsuccessful bets will be removed. In order to make the game of Sic Bo fair, the dice are rolled on a cage like an egg shaped trigger. The results are displayed as the cage can not be stopped.

Sic Bo has people excited by the day it was invented. The lights, the color, and sounds will draw people to the casinos. Sic Bo was so popular in the ancient world that it is one of the four great Chinese games. It was categorized as a Fortune game. Ancient people used to test, instead of winning money, which is the main subject in these days.